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Pills on Spoons
Pills on Spoons

Health & Wellness

At Rewind Med Spa we place a heavy focus on health and wellness by offering a variety of services to help heal your body from the inside out. With a Nurse Practitioner and two RNs on staff we prioritize health and have curated a unique menu of services that we are passionate about. Our goal is to help you be a happier and healthier version of you.

Our Services

Balanced Objects


PRP Therapy

Medical Grade PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) is 100% natural and utilizes your own blood platelets to accelerate your healing for 800% faster healing.



Biote is a hormone optimization company that has translated over 80 years of scientific insight into clinically-validated medical approaches that identify and treat imbalances in the production of hormones.


Micronutrient Testing

Micronutrient testing is a comprehensive nutrient analysis that measures functional deficiencies at the cellular level of a person's nutritional status. It is used to assess how efficiently the body utilizes 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants and metabolites.


IV Therapy

IV therapy allows helpful substances to go directly into your blood stream. Your body absorbs what is administered in more direct way than orally taking vitamins and it goes to where it is most needed. IV therapy is an effective way to improve weight loss, replenish depleted nutrients and flush out damaging toxins.

Additional Services

Foot Detox

A foot detox is a simple technique that is used to remove toxins and heavy metals by drawing them out through the soles of your feet. Your PH is tested prior start of foot detox. 

B-12 Energy Boost

Intermuscular injection of mephyl B-12 helps to promote healthier hair, skin and nails

Vitamin D Injections

Intramuscular injection essential for bone health and reduces risk of depression and pain while strengthening muscles and boosting immune system

Allergy Shots

Intramuscular decadron shot given relieve environmental allergy symptoms

Toradol Injection

Intramuscular injection or IV to help with pain and reduce inflammation

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